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In fall of 2009, a group of superintendents and school board trustees came together with the support of the Marin County Office of Education to review potential opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public school districts in Marin. The group is now called the Efficiency and Effectiveness (E2) Collaborative.

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In researching Marin County school district organizational history, the Efficiency and Effectiveness (EE) Task Force discovered that during the most recent 20-year history there have been a few successful district consolidation efforts and many unsuccessful ones. Similarly, there are many successful shared services models and, as well, many possibilities for enhancing current efforts to maximize efficiencies.

Given the short-term nature of the Task Force and due to state and local economic needs, the Task Force focused its efforts on recommendations for shared services that could be reasonably implemented in the next few years.

This chapter discusses the requirements of Education Code Section 35753 in detail and how the State Board of Education would apply the conditions of Section 35753. Both the State Board of Education and county committees on school district organization are required to evaluate a reorganization proposal and make determinations that the conditions are substantially met. The chapter will be of particular value to members of county committees to assist them in understanding the legal conditions governing reorganization proposals.

Territory Transfers Flow Chart (EC 357000)

MCOE 2019 Study on District Reorganization

In January of 2019 MCOE contracted with Capitol PFG to conduct a study. Here are two documents from that report:

The E2 Committee researched the history of Marin School Districts and put together a historic timeline from 1855 to 2020. This version has been consolidated onto one page. Zoom in to see the details.

This resource was complied by Jill Sellers, Trustee, Larkspur Corte Madera School District, for the E2 Committee. Original:4/20,
revised for wider distribution 11/21.

Commonly, school district consolidation or the sharing of superintendent services is brought forward when budgets become constrained. This document intends to summarize the process, pros and cons at a very high level. In reality the work towards consolidation is cumbersome and lengthy, often taking up to 10 years to complete legally and up to an additional decade to bring the two cultures of the districts together and truly function as a single entity.

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